Devan Shimoyama: Cry, Baby

Date(s) - 10/13/2018 - 03/17/2019
12:00 am

Andy Warhol Museum


This is the first museum solo exhibition of Devan Shimoyama, a Philadelphia-born painter and professor at Carnegie Mellon University.

Shimoyama creates two distinct worlds — one an enchanted paradise, the other a queer imagining of the African American barbershop. Celebrated for fraternity and community, he presents the barbershop as a space where young men and boys can feel shamed and vulnerable.

This exhibition also makes a unique connection to The Andy Warhol Museum’s permanent collection and brings to light contemporary insight into one of pop artist Andy Warhol’s (1928-1987) largest and yet most overlooked painting commissions, the “Ladies and Gentlemen” series of 1974-75. Visitors will find Shimoyama’s work in dialog with Warhol’s portraits of drag queens on the fourth floor of the museum’s permanent collection. His confident and daring depictions of sexuality, race and queer performance help reclaim the agency and visibility that Warhol’s models have been denied and bring these paintings out from the shadows.

117 Sandusky Stree, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 United States