Resonant Body

Date(s) - 06/29/2022
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Pittsburgh Playhouse (Point Park University)


“Resonant Body” re-examines ocular-centricity in dance through a duet performance and extended research-based project.

Slowdanger is a multidisciplinary performance entity whose work manifests as a non-binary entity that is one body amassed of multiple bodies in space.

Theorizing that every movement we make, in some form, is sound, “Resonant Body” examines how our impact resonates physically in space through sonic memory. Research includes impacting the body against structures such as thunder sheets and utilizing technology to record, loop and amplify the sonic remnants of the body’s impact within space, and is furthered by continually questioning how we define sustainability and resilience within capitalist mechanization. 

350 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 152222 United States