Cinzia Campolese

Date(s) - 04/22/2022 - 06/26/2022
12:00 am

Wood Street Galleries


This exhibition represents a collection of new creations developed in recent years by Cinzia Campolese that revolve around the concepts of presence and perception of space in both digital and physical environments.

Cinzia Campolese is an Italian-born, Montreal-based artist. Her practice includes installations, sculptures, videos, and prints. Her recent work received awards internationally and she has participated in exhibitions and cultural events in Canada, Europe and Asia.

Amongst the six works presented, there is “Error”, an interactive installation using the rules of color subtraction. The work is composed of a round red filter and a projected blue and red gradient that reacts to the position of the person who is passing by and/or approaching.

Admission is free.

601 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 United States