Wars of Empire & Liberty

Date(s) - 07/01/2023 - 08/25/2024
12:00 am

Senator John Heinz History Center


Image with no descriptionFeaturing more than 25 original works of art, this exhibition  provides a fresh look at two epic conflicts — the French & Indian War and the Revolutionary War — that dramatically reshaped global empires and ultimately gave rise to a new nation.

The French & Indian War (1754–1763) was the North American theater of the Seven Years War (1756-1763) between the empires of Britian and France for global dominance. The North American component involved each empire’s colonies and their respective allies among indigenous tribes. A key result for the victorious British was huge debt which necessitated additional taxes on the colonialists — a major factor contributing to the American Revolution (1775-1785).

The story is told through the stunning paintings of nationally renowned historical artist Don Troiani (pictured). Troiani’s paintings chronicle a diverse cast of characters swept up by the Revolution, including Margaret Corbin (1751-1800), part of the doomed American garrison at Fort Washington, who helped keep two cannons firing after her husband was killed.

1212 Smallman Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 United States