Canonsburg Town Park & Pool

PHONE: (724) 745-0963

This compact municipal park is the site of many popular events for the residents of and visitors to Canonsburg.

Canonsburg is a small town in rural Washington County situated on land that was first owned by John Canon (17?-1798), who served as a general in the American Revolution (1765-1783).  He was also a judge and a businessman who owned a successful flour mill.

Early in its history, Canonsburg became a market town. A market house stood at the intersection of what is now Central Avenue and College Street. The main street, Central Avenue (known at various times as Market, Main and Front Street), was lined with shops, taverns and artisans’ workshops. At its peak in the 1940’s, Canonsburg was a bustling center of steel production and busy mines with a population well over 12,000. Unfortunately, this also meant the town was a location for refined uranium and other rare metals. The result is radioactivity at the site of a former steel mill that has been covered for safety and closed to the public. Today’s Canonsburg has a much smaller population but still retains many of the charms residents and visitors enjoyed nearly a century ago.

The park’s shimmering pool is open each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 

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Call for information.


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