Emerald View Park (Grandview Park)

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Emerald View Park is the result of an effort to connect Mount Washington’s historic Grandview Park with other green spaces to create a 257-acre urban oasis that respects the neighborhood’s iconic steep hillsides.

Mount Washington is a hilltop city neighborhood overlooking Pittsburgh’s downtown, often called the Golden Triangle. It was once a center for mining operations and residences for mine workers and called Coal Hill. Since 1876 it has been known as Mount Washington because it is believed that US President George Washington (1732-1799) had stopped there during his travels.

With the help of many dedicated volunteers, huge strides have been made in restoring the forested habitat, maintaining the spectacular views, clearing dumpsites, building trails and honoring the park’s land use history. Emerald View Park boasts a growing trail system that offers 10 miles of trails featuring loops that range from one to four miles. Ultimately the trail system will include a 9-mile main loop and almost 11 miles of secondary trails that connect to all nearby regional trails and neighborhoods.

The park is co-managed by the nonprofit Mount Washington Community Development Corporation, which seeks to connect people to the resources and opportunities in the community that allow them to live, work and play well.

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