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The Strand Theater was constructed in 1914 by Italian immigrants seeking a new life and new opportunity in America and Zelienople.

Zelienople is a small town of 4,000 people north of Pittsburgh in rural Butler County. The town was founded in 1802 and is named for the eldest daughter of Baron Dettmar Basse (1762–1836), whose given name was Zelie.

The Strand began as a movie and vaudeville house, with a small fruit market taking up part of the first floor. It was converted into solely a film theater in 1939 and thrived as a social center for Zelienople for decades, providing a destination for families to escape the drudgery and routine of rural life. However, the growth of mall cinemas forced the Strand to close in the 1980s.

After being vacant for some twenty years, a group of community leaders formed a non-profit corporation to take over ownership and operation of the theater. Today, it is a popular place in Butler County for movies and live stage shows.

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